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Do you remember those times when you were eagerly watching illusionists in fancy suits perform incredible tricks you thought to be so real? Later, you knew they weren't so, but you were still fascinated by the skill and had so much fun due to their stunning results. You've always wanted to find out their secrets and to watch all over again. Nowadays, this form of entertainment goes through a revival, and think of how great it would be to treat your kids with something so enjoyable. In fact, it can be about your kids, a class, or a certain group of any given age. A California magician to hire is exactly what you need in order to create a unique moment. Keep reading to find out more about these special services.

The Philip & Henry Productions is the key to succeed in having an unforgettable event, providing you with a show that can be tailored to suit the audience. A well experienced California magician can perform for children of all ages, as well as for high school students and for the grown up crowd. There are tricks and humor for each of the age groups, and we have it all perfectly charted. Do you have worries about the magic show being just a passive demonstration? Toss them aside, because we promise a very dynamic time, with constant audience participation! Even the hard-to-impress teenagers are dazzled by these magic shows. California school and high schools book us year by year for personalized programs which also have an educational content. It is the perfect way to end the year.

As soon as you get in contact with our team, you realize that we don't deliver the same old show over and over, but focus on specific needs instead. Watch our clips to get a glimpse of how it goes. Our purpose is to incorporate healthy ideas and educational parts within the magic show, to keep things fun and to simply inoculate a pure spirit of celebration. California is known as a land of entertainment, and we take pride in having successfully served its inhabitants for such a long time. A California magician performs at the expected standards.

Let a California magician work to create a fun and entertaining program for the kids, and not only. Philip Murad and his team master the art of entertainment and are ready to handle any situation – be it a home party, a corporate event or a celebration in the park. Light, pleasurable educational programs may also be paired with the show, for a full benefit of those involved. Besides, companies and businesses involved in trade shows can find great support in these displays of magic skills.

We have caught the attention of millions and made them smile. All throughout the country, we performed shows that brought us fame and chiseled our shows to perfection. There have been twenty magic years, indeed. These being said, we have a desire to share a bit of magic with you, for you and for your dear ones to be entertained. A professional California magician knows exactly what has been working to captivate people. No common artifice and cheap scams, but only surprising, high-quality tricks to keep viewers on their toes.

If you want to see everyone smiling and to hear them talking about the party later, contact us now to book a show and have a California magician perform right where you want!

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