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Philip & Henry

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Let Our Magic Show put a smile on your face!

We offer Magic Programs for your school, daycare, camp, corporate event, adult party and any special occasion.

We also feature our very own Magic store on-line.


Birthday parties, anniversaries, special events and feasts - such days require some glitz and glam, and something to make them memorable. As a host, it often happens that you simply run out of ideas to make the event a hit. Should you choose a theme for your party? Should you include live music or some other kind of entertainment to keep your guests excited? Is there an extravagant and captivating way to promote an idea or a campaign? Most people tend to have the same ideas over and over, and too often parties end up being so similar and unavoidably grow stale. How about including something so surprising and out of the ordinary, that will leave your guests amused and even in awe of what they've seen? By all means, do take into consideration hiring a professional magician!

Philip & Henry Productions is the company with truly professional magicians to delight any kind of audience. With 40-minute regular shows, clients even get the chance to incorporate their message of choice to be transmitted to the crowd. It is a beneficial strategy no matter the environment or the categories of people to witness the performance.

The common cheer up methods are rather a source of boredom, especially for people who have been at a few parties by now. You need a real entertainment factor. However, investing in something too extravagant could damage your budget and take the smile off your face. When you hire a professional magician, not only that you realize it's actually budget friendly, but you will also start being seen as a party guru, one who knows how to treat his guests with class. People of all ages love it when you play with their imagination. It makes them laugh, and it makes them think. Who knows, perhaps some of them will even discover new interests to develop into hobbies.

Also - lucky you, because if you get a party magician, you get someone else do the entertainment for you. All you have to do is relax and watch; this means everyone is enjoying the event equally, including you. It could be a private party in your home, a celebration at school or another institution, a corporate event or a theater show, or anything else one can think of. The professional magician we provide can perform on his own or can get the bystanders involved by arranging workshops. Either way, the show will be dynamic, as the party magician strolls around for the crowd to see his unbelievable magic tricks. His mind-twisting tricks are sure to amaze anyone watching, and children will be instantly bewitched.

There is something wonderful about hiring a birthday magician. If you want your child or children to celebrate in a way they'll never forget, this is one special option to make it true. Imagine the surprise, the anticipation on their faces and the amusement. The little ones live for magic – the childhood is filled with a magical view of life and the things around. Moreover, adults themselves would love a reminder of those times. Curiosity and amazement are excellent stimuli and the guests will feel like having been truly entertained.

Check our availability now and get a quote from us if you wish to hire a highly skilled birthday magician, or one for any other happy event. The show can have custom options - it is up to you what the final version will be like. You can book online your magic show and hire a party magician that will make your event unforgettable. If you want friends and acquaintances to remember you, get a birthday magician to entertain them on that special day. YOU certainly deserve it!

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